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Mission & Objectives


The Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development’s mission is to raise the awareness of the Italian society, economic stakeholders and institutions on the importance of the Global Agenda for sustainable development, bringing together actors who already deal with specific aspects related to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in order to: favour the development of a culture of sustainability at all levels, reorienting production and consumption models to that end; analyse the implications and opportunities of the sustainable development Agenda for Italy; contribute to the definition of an Italian strategy for the implementation of the SDGs (also employing analytical and forecasting tools to help define policies for sustainable development) and to the establishment of a monitoring system to track the progress of Italy in attaining the SDGs.


The Alliance’s specific objectives are:

  • to raise awareness among public and private actors, public opinion and citizens on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, favouring a widespread knowledge of current and future expected trends in relation to the SDGs, using all means of communication;
  • to propose policies aimed at achieving the SDGs and to express opinions on possible legislative measures, trying to evaluate their impact and focusing on their potential to bridge the gaps between the country's regions and to eliminate inequalities among different socio-economic groups;
  • to promote an education program on sustainable development, with a particular focus on young generations;
  • to foster research and innovation for sustainable development, promoting the diffusion of good practices established in Italy and abroad, and the development of analytical tools to evaluate the impact of economic, social and environmental policies;
  • to contribute to the elaboration of adequate monitoring tools to achieve the goals in Italy, paying attention to specific stakeholder groups (businesses) and local contexts (communities and cities), while also giving due regard to existing tools such as the equitable and sustainable wellbeing indicators (BES – Benessere Equo e Sostenibile);
  • to promote the development of analytical tools to assess the impact of economic, social and environmental policies and reduce the costs of transition to sustainability by identifying trade-offs among existing policies and suggesting actions to make outcomes more favourable.

The Alliance carries out its activities on the basis of a work programme aimed at achieving the aforementioned objectives. The programme is drafted by the Assembly of members and financed through the funds provided by the Alliance's member organizations and, in the case of specific activities, external sponsors.

Updated: October 2018


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